A Blog Post About… errr… A Blog Post!

I have been busy this past week…. well, i’m always busy, I have two children! No, I mean I have been more busy than usual. Last Saturday I responded to a tweet from @CuriousUKTelly who were welcoming anyone who enjoyed writing to have a go at submitting blog posts for their excellent website http://www.curiousbritishtelly.co.uk. After a bit of discussion we decided I should write an ode to Andy Crane, Children’s BBC’s often forgotten presenter from the late 1980’s. “Brilliant!” I thaught, this should be easy, the words should come tumbling out of my brain, my blue Bic pen will become a waterfall of clever sentences…. Nah! I’m getting a bit ‘airy fairy’ here!

Anyway, I put pen to paper and promptly went blank… I had lots of thoughts and ideas, but couldn’t find the right words, Andy Crane it seems is my biggest passion (in the professional sense) and yet my biggest nemesis! I have counted up how many attempts I had of writing this post- seven tries and twenty sides of A4 paper. I tried every style possible- a list, an A to Z, a soppy version, a Wikipedia version (boring!). I found the right style and it’s pretty much how I approach doing this blog, by talking to you and you only, as if we had bumped into each other in the street.

The hardest thing, it seemed, was getting a balance right between humour and respect. No gentle funny stuff would mean that the blog would be as dull as a dishcloth and I respect Andy, especially because he is alive and well on Twitter and I would be in fear of getting  a telling of from the man himself if I mucked up the words used! So far Andy has remained quiet (unusual for a radio presenter you might think) save from a recent conversation with me about ‘Past Continuous Verbs’ (honestly!). I await his opinion on the blog post with baited breath and a paper bag to put over my head if it falls flat!

Reading the now published post here http://www.curiousbritishtelly.co.uk/2016/05/andy-crane-childrens-bbc-and-me.html it seems like a simple, straightforward article, barely hinting at the difficulty I had in writing it. But then maybe that’s the secret to a good blog post, I’ll leave you, lovely reader, to be the judge of that! Nonetheless, I am very proud of it.

I have a new problem now though… what the hell do I write about next?? Fun House? Mrs Mangle? Findus Crispy Pancakes? Maybe all three together…..?



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