Happy 30 3/4 years, Children’s BBC….

Back last September, in 2015, Children’s BBC celebrated their milestone 30th Birthday. That’s not 30 years of Children’s programming, we have all heared our parents ramble on at some time or other about Andy Pandy and Muffin the Mule. No, back in 1985 the BBC continuity announcer appeared on the screen for the first time to introduce the Children’s afternoon schedule. The announcer happened to be a young, cool dude called Phillip Schofield, and his grinning face became a lot more entertaining than the BBC 1 globe that had been used previously to introduce the shows.

But, hang on! Why am I writing about this now in 2016? I’m  8 months too late! An hour long celebration show was aired, featuring our favourite presenters and their furry superstar sidekicks. It was shown on the CBBC Channel, aimed at today’s kids, I doubt many 30-somethings were watching as their channel of choice! Furthermore, with a 6pm viewing slot, it would be lost in the family post-teatime whirlwind of washing up, baths, pyjamas etc…

So I missed it… did you miss it too?  I have finally caught up with the 30th celebrations, and it was an excellent hour (especially the Broom Cupboard years, but then it’s pretty obvious I would say that!). I really wanted it to be on BBC 4 though, in a 9pm timeslot with some classic shows repeated before it. I’m thinking Maid Marian, Byker Grove, Willy Fog… a whole night of celebration, ITV managed a whole weekend for their 30th, remember?? So “Happy 30th Birthday” to Children’s BBC! Sorry I’m so fashionably late, hopefully by doing this blog I will be forgiven…


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