From Zippy to Andi Peters…all held in place with extra strong hairspray??!!

In an effort to write down what I may (or may not) talk about in this blog, I first attempted it in a narrative style, which turned out to be as funny and interesting as a wet weekend in Hunstanton (with apologies to my Hunstanton readers) So…taking inspiration from an English exercise I did in Primary School, here’s my Z to A of thrilling topics that might pop up in my blog…. you will be thrilled if you love jazzy jumpers, that is….

Z…for Zippy (George, Bungle, Geoffrey)

Y…for yellow sweatshirts and Yazz

X…for extra strong hairspray (try and think of anything better!)

W…for Wilson the butler and What’s Up Doc?

V…for Viscount Biscuits and vegetable friends

U…for Ulysses 31 (thank goodness for that show or I would still be thinking here)

T…for Terry Nutkins, Timmy Mallett, Toby Anstis (interesting combination there)

S…for Simon Parkin (a legend, so he can have ‘S’ all to himself)

R…for Rosie and Jim, Right Said Fred and Rod, Jane and Freddy (all musical maestros)

Q…for The Queen and Quack Circles

P…for Phillip Schofield, Pigeon Street and pancakes

O…for Operation, The O Zone and Otis the Aardvark

N…for Noel’s House Party and Neighbours

M…for Mrs Mangle and Mullets (I will research if Mrs Mangle ever had a mullet..)

L…for Live and Kicking! and Lights Alive! (and exclamation marks aplenty…)

K…for Kylie Minogue and Koosh balls

J…for Jason Donovan and jazzy jumpers

I…for Isettas and Idents (for the saddos among us)

H…for Hacker T Dog and Henry (from Neighbours…)

G…for Going Live! Gordon the Gopher and Gladiators

F…for Fashion Wheel, Fizzgog, Fresh Prince of Bel Air

E…for Edd the Duck (the awesome dood can have ‘E’ all to himself)

D…for Debbie Flint and Dogtanian

C…for Challenge Anneka and Cities of Gold

B…for Blockbusters, Bananarama and Byker Grove

A…for the two ‘Andies’ – Peters and Crane (we’re finishing with a BANG! there..)

Now, there is probably lots I haven’t mentioned but it’s the best I could do with limited time and limited brain power, if you have any suggestions for more exciting topics my lovely reader, then do let me know!!!



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