“Bring Back The Broom Cupboard” Er…Maybe?

Ok, I’m at risk of confusing myself here! I recently read about how to create a successful blog with readers aplenty. Apparently you have to be everywhere- in WordPress (tick!), on Facebook (tick!), Twitter (tick!), Instagram (cross! I have a job, a house, two small children…enough is enough!) And the resulting success of my blog? Well, at the moment there is just you, dear reader…but I have my fingers crossed that we’ll get another reader join us soon!

My Facebook page is called ‘Bring Back the Broom Cupboard’. I created it after I had searched Facebook for any CBBC fan pages and found absolutely nothing… standing under a lightbulb at the time I had an “a-ha” flash of inspiration!

The title was a tricky problem to consider as this page is about as unofficial as they get, so I avoided the use of the word ‘BBC’ in the title. But, in doing so I feel I may be misleading folk a bit. It sounds like I am about to set up a protest camp outside the Houses of Parliament and stay there until Simon Parkin is back, linking into Newsround with just his goldfish and a copy of the Radio Times for company!

Although, saying that, it’s not a bad idea… I recently messaged the official CBBC Twitter feed. They have, in their wisdom, started broadcasting the CBBC channel until 9:00pm, an extra two hours a day! But, with a total lack of wisdom, they have ignored my request for one night a week of classic children’s shows to be repeated. Or maybe they have listened to me…. and Simon Parkin is in a pet shop as I write this, choosing a new goldfish co-star. We can only hope!


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