Get Those Party Poppers Out…

Well? Did you send in your stamped self-addressed envelope to the Broom Cupboard, and more importantly, have you received your ‘Willy Fog’ song lyric sheet? Tomorrow the 28th of April is a big day because it’s (fanfare please…)

‘National Willy Fog Day’

Launched in 1988 to celebrate the end of a Spanish imported animation which had roughly 6000 episodes and had ran on Children’s BBC for at least 5 years. At least, for the Broom Cupboard presenter Andy Crane, it probably felt like that!

To celebrate this exciting occasion, viewers were encouraged to sing along at home to the joyous theme tune with Andy as the enthusiastic choirmaster. We had had plenty of practice by the time the final episode came round as Mr Crane himself had been serenading us for weeks previously, even broadening our horizons by singing the Spanish version of the song! Olé!

So, start blowing up those balloons… And no, I haven’t just made all this up for a blog post, ‘National Willy Fog Day’ really exists. Just ask Andy himself before he starts to warm up his vocal chords again, ready for the big knees-up tomorrow…


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