Come inside my Broom Cupboard….blog!!

Well hellooooo to you!! Before I well and truly get underway with Broom Cupboard business, I thaught I would list my personal reasons for mucking around with writing stuff about things you may like.

Reason 1– Andy Crane told me to do it (sort of)… I’m a regular tweeter and conundrum solver on Andy’s Saturday breakfast show on BBC Radio Manchester. But all my excitement gets too much for poor Andy, bless him, and he told me a break from his show might do me good! I read that as “go do something more exciting girl!”, so instead of tweeting, I’ll write about him!

Reason 2– told me to do it (sort of)… After a fairly innocent tweet requesting a clip of 1990’s gaming show ‘Bad Influence’, I was invited to write and submit a blog post about it for the fantabulous gaming website. I have not wrote anything since GCSE English but this gave me a massively enjoyable challenge! In fact, I have wrote stuff every day since then.

Reason 3– Andi Peters and Simon Parkin are lovely chaps. Fact. And if I tell you why now, that’s two less blog posts I can write. This needs to be spun out a bit, y’know?

Reason 4– I’m bored… my husband’s TV choices of ‘Wheeler Dealers’ and ‘Police Interceptors’ just don’t keep me riveted to the box! And writing about Bananarama will make a change from listening to Bananarama…

So bear with me while I muddle through WordPress and endlessly scribble words onto paper, keep your fingers and toes crossed that this blog gets better! Well done you for getting to the end, go treat yourself to a Wagon Wheel now!




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